Our festival is traditionally held in May every year.

The festival is to bring a different perspective to the problems in the social field and to raise the awareness of the society in order to prevent leukemia, thalassemia (Mediterranean Anemia) and sickle cell anemia diseases which are blood diseases, and which are present. Our festival also aims to raise awareness of artistic problems of blood patients.

Turkey’s our traditional festival held every year “Atoder and Blood Diseases of the Federation” is held under the auspices.

This valuable organization is organized with supporters who contribute in the framework of the determined conditions.

It is a project created to emphasize the importance of blood which is the living fluid of human life.

As we plan to reach a more conscious society by giving a different perspective to blood diseases and blood donation, and to provide more beautiful artistic and cultural activities in the coming times with our society reaching this consciousness, we aim to make this activity more traditional by growing every year.

Our festival accepts blood diseases and blood donation as well as short films taken in all other areas in accordance with our specifications.