Full support from The Turkish Red Crescent to The Second International Kan Film Festival


Full support from The Turkish Red Crescent to The Second International Kan Film Festival

The Turkish Red Crescent will organize blood donation events at The Second International Kan Film Festival which will be held in Adana on 5-6th-7th of May this year by Federation of Blood Diseases. Turkish Red Crescent will also provide support for participation through blood donation events in the festival. Second International Kan film Festival aims to prevent diseases such as leukemia, thalassemia (Mediterranean anemia) and sickle cell anemia and to bring a different perspective to the problems that existing patients have experienced in the social environment and to raise awareness with art activities. The Turkish Red Crescent, signing a cooperation protocol with the Federation of Blood Diseases(the organizer of the festival) ,will also make an important contribution to the publicity of the festival.


İşbirliği protokolü imza töreninde konuşan Türk Kızılayı Orta Akdeniz Bölgesi Kan Merkezi Müdürü Dr. Tunçhan Demir, bölgenin ihtiyaç duyduğu yıllık ortalama 200 bin ünite kanın merkezlerinde bulunduğunu, bunun sürekliliği için de etkin çalışmalar yürüttüklerini belirtti. Kanın acil değil sürekli ihtiyaç olduğunu vurgulayan Dr. Demir, Kan Hastalıkları Federasyonu’nun düzenlediği 2’nci Uluslararası Kan Film Festivali’ne katkı sunacak olmaktan mutluluk duyacaklarını dile getirdi.

Speaking at the signing ceremony of the cooperation protocol, the Turkish Red Crescent Director of the Central Mediterranean Blood Institute,Tunçhan Demir stated that they have 200 thousand units of blood needed by the region every year in their facility and that they also carried out effective studies for blood continuity. Emphasizing that blood is not an emergency but a constant need,Demir expressed their happiness to contribute to the Second International Kan Film Festival organized by the Federation of Blood Diseases.

We are focused on the importance of blood donation

Ali Kılıç, Federation of Blood Diseases President, said that Thalassemia patients need two units of blood every three weeks , white blood always needed by leukemia patients and that the Kan film festival is an awareness-raising activity, especially on the importance of blood donation. Kılıç also said that, “This year is the second time we organize our festival. It will be an international event and participants from many countries such as K.K.T.C., South Cyprus, Macedonia, Azerbaijan, Poland, Finland and the Netherlands will join us this year.”

Signing ceremony of the cooperation protocol held in the Turkish Red Crescent’s Central Meditteranean Blood Institute. Tunçhan Demir and Federation of Blood Diseases President Ali Kılıç, Kan Film Festival Program and Activity Coordinator Mahmut Ünnu, Turkish Red Crescent authorities Zeliha Ertunç and Esra Yoylu also attended the signing ceremony.