Federation of Blood Diseases Started to work in Adana

Federation of Blood Diseases

Started to work in Adana

Blood Disease Federation, which was founded in Adana on 4 November 2016 by Ali Kılıç, who is the leader of Thalassemia Federation between 2013-2016, started his studies.

Blood Disease Federation was founded in Adana. The foundation of the founder was started by Ali Kılıç, the President of the Thalassemia Federation between 2013-2016. As the first activity of the Federation, it carried out a voluntary meeting. In the meeting, the structure of the volunteers federation was explained and a training on blood diseases was given and information about the activities to be done was shared.


Blood Disease Federation President Ali Kılıç said that they aim to support the scientific and social studies to be carried out on the diseases of khan by bringing civil society organizations working on blood diseases together. Kılıç said, “As Federation, we will work to create scientific, social, economic policies and solutions to the existing and emerging problems related to the subject by providing cooperation and communication between related institutions and organizations. At the same time, we will also work to ensure that patient and carrier individuals take an active role in the social stages. ”


“We will prioritize our efforts in achieving the above objectives: to provide treatment, education and research and support at national and international levels on hereditary and acquired blood diseases,” Kılıç continued. To cooperate with foundations, universities, medical firms and hospitals in blood diseases studies. To develop projects that provide social awareness on blood diseases. To be a supporter of the socio-economic and social aspects of patients and their families … ”


Ali Kılıç said that the participants will come to Adana from Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Holland, Germany and other countries within the scope of the event, saying that this time the International Film Festival will be held in May 2017. Kılıç stated that the deadline for submitting film contests is April 1, 2017, 7,500 pounds for the first, 5,000 pounds for the second, 2,500 pounds for the third, and that the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and other sponsors support this project and the importance of blood donation and the problems of these diseases Stated that it was a festival organized to draw attention.


Ali Kılıç stated that the Blood Diseases Congress, another project of the Federation of Blood Diseases, has begun to work and that announcements are made as soon as possible that this congress is about the realization of Macedonia in Ohrid. The sword added that the congress will be attended by academicians, patients and medical school students who work in this area.