The 4nd International Kan Film Festival will take place in Adana on May 3 and May 5 , 2018. “Short Film Competition” will be held within the scope of the festival.


The Kan Film Festival and the Short Film Competition is organized by the Blood Diseases Federation in order to achieve the following objectives.

1-To convey the consciousness of importance of blood donation and to provide positive and supportive contributions to building awareness in this regard.
2-Prevent new patient birth by forming awareness of blood diseases, especially leukemia, thalassemia and sickle cell anemia.
3- To raise awareness of the problems and solutions of blood diseases by perspective of arts.
*To support the development and promotion of our cultural features.
*To bring together people who is Adana and participants from outside the city with activities which are held during the festival.
*To contribute creation of social responsibility awareness.
*To build awareness of assistance, solidarity, sharing and volunteering.
*To promote the production of short films and public spots in the community.
*To reduce undesirable behaviours of society thruogh art.

1-Short films that have beeen participated another competitions before and been awarded does not prevent them to apply this contest.
2-Each contestant may apply with number of films he / she wants to compete.
3-Legal responsibility for copyrights of short films belongs to the applicant.
4-Film must be sent between determined deadlines.
5-Being over 18 for the application is a must.
6-Participation in the Kan Film Festival is free.
7-Films to participate in the contest must have the following technical characteristics.

8- Video Options
*Mov, .mp4, .mpeg2, .mpeg4, .avi
*PAL or NTSC / SD or HD
Audio Options
*PCM (48 kHz, compressed)
*AAC (160 Kbit or higher)
*The films must be in Turkish language. Films that in any other languages must have Turkish subtitles.

9- The prequalification jury, the main jury or the people from the festival team and their first-degree relatives can not apply the Kan Film Festival.
10-The duration of the films is limited to a maximum of 20 minutes. Films that do not conform to this time will be eliminated without any evaluation.
11-Films should be filmed between 2015 and 2019.
12-If you want to send your movie post , you need to send it in A3 or larger format and in .JPEG format.
13-The submission of films to the national and international festivals will be accepted by the participants during the festival and in the future only for non-commercial cultural activities. In such cases the applicant will be notified..
14-The jury is decisive and jury decisions are certain results.Participants do not have any right to appeal decisions.
15-The participant / participants undertake that they own all the intellectual property rights on the submitted work for the competition and that they have all necessary rights to submit this work and to revoke the rights of intellectual property related to the work.

16- The participant / participants need to accept and confirm the following features :
a-The fact that they are real creators and / or possess the material and moral rights (originally or in transit) recognized on the work within the framework of Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works (FSEK),
b-Have the right to submit the work and have all necessary rights to devalue the rights of intellectual property related to the work,
c-You agree not to infringe any third party’s intellectual property rights (copyrights, patents, trademarks, etc.)
d-Whether a person (participant) who is alive or dead does not violate privacy rights and publicity,
e-The content of Film, must not violate The Turkish Criminal Law, and must not violate the Law No. 5651 and other applicable legislation, and also that the content must not contain any criminal elements,
f-In any other way, the fact that any real or legal person is not subject to personal or property rights.
g-About text, images, music, etc. in the work (s) to be submitted to the competition: Any claim of copyright infringement from third parties due to their use is the under responsibility of the participant. If offending elements subsequently appear, the BLOOD DISEASES FEDERATION and the institutions that support this competition will not have any responsibility. In case of infringement of copyrights or other rights of intellectual property or any violation of the law, the work is entrusted without competing.If the determination is made after the competition, the prize is reinstated even if the owner is rewarded.
h-Exhibitors/participants, and the public in the subject of diseases of the blood short film spotlight Internet pages belonging to the BLOOD DISEASES FEDERATION and the support organisations receive impressions, social media, video sharing sites, and similar channels in the location and number for an unlimited time without any restriction on use, duplication, re-printing, distributing, animation and/or on the screen would give you the right to impose, and this also will not sign the Protocol if it is considered necessary for this due to use, and acknowledges that he will not charge a fee under any name at any time.


The required documents and files of the films to be submitted must be delivered to us at until 15 April 2019 or by cargo on DVD, Data DVD, or Data Flash format.
Also you need to send us;
.Completed and signed application form (in PDF format) Başvuru formunu indir.
.Film Poster (in JPEG format)
.Synopsis (in PDF or Word format)
.Director’s filmography and CV (in PDF or Word format)
.High resolution photo (JPG Format) from the movie.


First film prize is 7.500.TL.

Second film Prize is 5,000.TL.

Third film Prize is 2.500.TL.

Honor Award

Speech Award

The jury may appreciate the special prize not covered by the awards other than those specified in the regulation. Award prizes for award-winning films will be made by the FEDERATION OF BLOOD DISEASES until 30.06.2019, at the latest to the director’s / producer’s.

Preliminary assessment

*The preliminary assessment is done by the festival film coordinator.
*Results of the preliminary assessment are announced to the public through the web page of the festival and from the press. In addition, the preliminary element is directly notified to the email addresses of the owners and the telephone.
Public Vote

Kan Film Festival The films that pass the preliminary process from the Official Mobile Application are made public vote.

Voting is done to give a idea to jury for 1st 2nd and 3rd awards. The jury is in the discretion of the public to receive the prize of winning entries.


The Festival Committee reserves the right to make any changes to the conditioner. Compulsory may cancel the contest.


The festival Executive Board is authorized to resolve any disputes that may arise out of the scope of this regulation.